Pacific Powertrain’s line of windshield wiper motors, pantograph wiper arms, and frameless wiper blades are custom built for us by a company who builds these same components for several major wiper suppliers in the United States and Canada. Our wiper models not only have right or left adjustable park, but also have adjustable wiper angles from 40 to 110 degrees. Pacific Powertrain backs all of our windshield wiper motors with a full 3 year limited warranty.
Pacific Powertrain has developed a pantograph wiper arm and frameless wiper blade that will stand up to the rigorous demands of the heaviest white water, and will not damage lexan windows. We have a frameless wiper blade that has no exposed metal to damage lexan windows and it was especially designed to work with our pantograph arm on the large flat windows that are found on many boats today. Standard automotive blade and arm combinations are designed to work on curved automotive windshields, and will not efficiently work on large flat windshields. So our wiper blade and arm combination gives you the latest in automotive technology, but specifically designed for use in a marine application.

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