Stomp Grates

In the past you have had to dive into the water and swim under your boat or use awkward grate rakes to clear sticks, rocks and other debris away from your intake grate. A stomp grate will allow you to go to the swim deck on your boat and simply stomp on the stomp grate’s pedal to clear the intake grate on your boat. Or to make clearing your intake grate as simple as pushing a button, install our optional air actuator kit that will allow you to clear your intake grate without leaving your seat. Not only does this kit add convenience, it will also eliminate the stomp pedal to give you a uncluttered swim deck.

All of the Ketchum designed stomp grates that are offered by Pacific Powertrain are designed and built to the same specifications that your pump manufacture used when they built the original intake grate that was originally supplied with your pump. By using the OEM intake specification on our stomp grates, you can be assured that you can install one of our stomp grates without losing any performance regardless of what pump you currently have in your boat. Not only are our stomp grates built to exacting standards, but we also demand that our grates will stand up to the demands of even the skinniest water. Our competition uses the lesser expensive A36 steel to build their bars with, while we choose to use higher quality more expensive  T1 steel to construct our bars from. T1 tensile strength is 110,000 PSI compared to A36 at 58,000 PSI, T1 also has a yield point of 100,000 PSI while A36 is only rated at 36,000PSI. To the end user this means that our bars will take a harder hit and incur less damage than our competitors lesser expensive A36 bars will. Also contact us for our all stainless steel options, custom built stomp grates, and additional applications that we may not have listed. 

For superior performance, and customer service use the original Ketchum stomp grate built by Pacific Powertrain Inc.

If you do not know which stomp grate to order, please complete this worksheet and provide information to

Stomp Grate Worksheet